Sod Pins
Heavy Duty Fence Stakes Sod Pins for Securing Weed Fabric Barrier,Ground Cover, Artificial Turf,Dog Fence
Commercial Grade Galvanized steel can resist rust, break. Durable steel construction capable of even securing heavier project . These garden staples are also easily removable and can be used again and again.

Longer and stronger steel design for enhancing your outdoor landscapes, patio, home, and landscaping projects. The landscape pins designed with sharp ends, with super holding power for easy ground insertion and rugged stakes is not easy to bend when struck.

When the weed cover staples fall, you will not see them. Compared with barbed plastic pegs, the landscape pins  damage to the fabric is much less. The design of 30Pcs buffer washers with different pore shapes makes it flexibly used for wall pegs and U-shaped garden stakes, increasing the effective contact area and improving wind resistance, which can make your home projects more beautiful.

Use the galvanized  landscape pins for anchoring weed barrier landscape fabric, drip irrigation pipes, soaker hose, and artificial Turf. Landscape stakes can secure bird netting, chicken wire, plastic items, chain link, Pet Fences and edging.

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