Anti-Theft Double Picket Steel Fence
Anti-Theft Double Picket Steel Fence Sturdy And Durable
1.Zinc phosphate pre-treatment Promote the adhesion between the steel and coating film;
2.Zinc-rich epoxy powder coating has long-term anti-impact and anti-corrosion, ensuring a service life of more than 10 years;
3.Timely and effective after service;
4.Strict quality control system on the whole production process to make sure each product will meet client's requirements.

Double Picket Steel Fence is also known as yard fencing,front yard fence,puppy picket fence,decorative fencing,balcony fence. On the basis of the traditional steel fence, the Double Picket Steel Fence increases the number of standpipes and reduces the gap. If you have pets, the Double Picket Steel Fence will be your best choice.

After a number of special technology treatments, yard fencing have excellent corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, weather resistance, and long-term surface self-cleaning ability. No matter what kind of harsh environment, The yard fencing will not rust, fade, crack, powder, aging, fall off, etc. The puppy picket fence will always keep the bright color, completely eliminate the daily maintenance of guardrail caused by trouble.We supply front yard fence,puppy picket fence,decorative fencing,balcony fence and gates at a competitive price at great quality.

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