leaves wire compost bin
Heavy Duty Metal Outdoor Compost Piles Bins
1.This Wire Compost Bin is made from green powder coated heavy gauge steel wire. Rust proof and weather proof, this composter is designed to last.
2.Design allows for maximum air flow to ensure fast decomposition. Turns your waste into super charged soil quickly and efficiently.
3.Easily assembled with no tools needed. You will be ready to start composting in minutes.
The Compost Piles Bins are perfect for starters and gardeners. The leaves wire compost bin widely applied as outdoor wire composter system for soil saver diy from kitchen and food waste coffee grounds corn cobs; bark, mulch, leaves and grass clippings; table vegetable veggie scraps; organic starter. The leaves wire compost bin can also be used as Dog Kennel, Decorative Fencing, or Raised Bed Border Fence to keep out Rabbits and other Rodents when is unfolded and installed in yard or garden.

The Compost Piles Bins are easy to assemble, NO tools required. A square container formed by 4 equal-size mesh panels linked by anchor spikes at each corner. Effortless collapsed for saving room of storage. Green powder coated heavy gauge steel wire makes the Compost Piles Bins sturdy structure and long last life.

leaves wire compost bin/