High Strength Fiberglass Adhesive Tape Joint Tape
1.Good performance of alkaline-resistance;
2.High tensile strength and deformation-resistance;
3.Excellent self-adhesive performance;
4.Simple and easy application
The fiberglass self adhesive mesh tape is woven from C-fiberglass yarn, then coated with adhesive acrylic latex. The fiberglass self adhesive mesh tape owns good performances, like good softness, high stickness, easy application, it gives you the best solution for the wall problems like wall cracks, plaster boards joints, wall holes, etc. and fiberglass self adhesive mesh tape is the ideal material for the dry wall and ceiling problems.Widely used for repairing cracks and joints of drywall, plaster board and other wall surface.
The Fiberglass Adhesive Tape characters
1. Acid- resistant: It can exist in the wall for more than 60-70 years.
2. Heat Insulation: Mainly show as fire proof, most used in industry field and construction building.
3. High Strength: We use the best glue, and produce self of glue, so can keep the stability of the mesh.

Fiberglass Adhesive Tape/Fiberglass Adhesive Tape