Automatic Sliding Drieway Aluminum Gate
Luxury Automatic Sliding Drieway Aluminum Gate
1. Plenty of surface treatments for your choice
2. Strict control for surface finish, very little scratch.
3. Accurate mold as well as accurate size.
4. Both ends of the profiles are very plain and with no burr.
The Sliding Drieway Aluminum Gate using the vertical steel pales, the pickets and horizontal rails to form the gate. The Sliding Drieway Aluminum Gate is also known as metal gates,iron gates,sliding driveway gate,automatic gates,sliding fence gate,electric sliding gate,automatic driveway gates. The surface treatment of our metal gates is coated by electric galvanization, polyester powder or hot dipped galvanization.No matter what kind of harsh environment, The automatic driveway gates will not rust, fade, crack, powder, aging, fall off, etc.

There are many kinds of gate styles, we can also customize it for you.We supply the iron gates, sliding driveway gate,
sliding fence gate,and electric sliding gate at a competitive price at great quality.

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